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Why an Oatmeal Bath?
Dog skin problems are a common concern of most dog owners. Dogs, like humans, can suffer from various skin related problems like dry itchy skin, and rashes. Skin problems in dogs can also be a result of food allergies, fleas or tick infestation. A reaction to products used on the dog may also be to blame. It is essential that such dog health problems are taken care of by the use of natural dog grooming products.
Top Five Reasons for Itchy Skin:
1) Parasites: Many pets are so sensitive to fleas and other parasites that one bite can send them into a scratching fit. Make sure your pet, home, and lawn are parasite free in order to alleviate your pet’s itchy skin.
2) Nutrition: Maybe you’ve heard “what goes in must come out”.  A high quality, meat-based diet (similar to what ancestral felines and canines ate in the wild) is key to digestive balance, healthy skin, and a shiny coat. Use OFA (Omega Fatty Acids) supplements and low-fat oils (i.e. coconut, salmon, fish, krill) to give digestion and pet skin and added boost.
3) Environment: some pets are sensitive to carpet, lawn grasses or even excessive skin moisture (from lack of grooming, matted hair, etc that traps moisture close to the skin)- all of which can result in hot spots. Relating the symptoms to the irritant will help determine the cause and provide the necessary course of action. You may need to remove carpet, limit time on grass, or groom more frequently.
4) Allergies: animals, like humans, have allergies. Throughout any given room a pet could be allergic to as many as half a dozen items. Although there is no cure for allergies, there are certain things pet owners can do to avoid the triggers (i.e. boost the immune system, switch to a high quality diet, and/or consult with a vet to find the allergens affecting the pet and remove the problem)
5) Neurogenic: although not as common, some pets just have the inclination to lick, lick, lick. Whether from boredom, anxiety, stress, confinement, or a small abrasion that has caught the dog’s interest, excessive licking/biting can result in “Lick Granulomas”.  Promoting healing of spots and diagnosing the cause are the best ways to deal with these types of issues
Chemical products can aggravate the problem or even lead to other skin disorders. An oatmeal bath can be one of the natural ways to groom your dog and maintain a healthy coat and skin. Oatmeal bath is being recommended by most veterinarians as it is known to be helpful in treating many of the dog skin problems.
Your dog has been all scratchy.
Most Vets have all agreed
An oatmeal bath for itchy skin
may be what your pooch needs.