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Fleas have a complex, 4 stage life cycle. Control of fleas on your pet and in your home must address all stages of this life cycle to stop the problem of flea infestation.
Flea Shampoos
A bath with flea shampoo is a good first attack on fleas for the pet that has large numbers of fleas visible on its body. It is important to realize that a flea shampoo is not intended for lasting control. Many people are surprised when they see fleas and it was "only a week ago" that the pet had a flea bath.
Shampoos are only effective for a day or less. They leave little residual chemical on the animal when properly used.
We help with the first line of defense against fleas. If we find fleas on a pet, we will give that pet a flea bath. This will kill the adult fleas protecting all pets in the shop from sharing fleas with one and other. Since flea shampoos do contain mild chemicals we never use a flea shampoo on a dog that has no fleas.
“Oh no” you say, “my dog has fleas,
what am I to do?”
We’ll get those little critters
with our gentle flea shampoo.