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Haircuts include the groom and full bath service. All prices vary depending on the size of your pet, the condition of their coat, as well temperament. 

If you can't reach us, please remember it is quite loud in the shop. You can text the shop phone number and we will get will you as soon as possible. 

When contacting us:

All prices depend on

  • size of pet

  • condition of coat

  • temperament 


Starting Prices for baths:

  • Small Dogs $25 plus tax
  • Medium Dogs $30-35 plus tax
  • Large Dogs $40-45 plus tax
  • ​Double Coat Dogs $50-80 plus tax

Bow Wow Billie's goal is to help pet owners be able to afford to take care of their four-legged babies. The cost for big name stores are outrageous! You get treated like money coming in, not a person who cares about their pet. We want to provide a five star service for an affordable price. We care about the well being of your pet and strive to always put them first. 

Starting Prices for haircuts:

  • Small Dogs $48-55 plus tax
  • Medium Dogs $55-75 plus tax
  • Large Dogs $65-85 plus tax
  • ​Doodles $85-120 plus tax


Baths include an ear cleaning, anal glands expressed if needed, and the nails trimmed. Your fur baby also gets a complete blow dry and a quick brushing. 



We would like to promote rescuing your next pet from Hearts & Tails rescue group. Or perhaps helping many pets. Currently, the rescue group is in need of fosters too. You can apply by clicking their photo to the left. Also, you can check out their Facebook below to see who they are currently helping!

All prices are just a quote. Until we are done grooming we will not be able to give an absolute price.